God and Love

I feel water splashing on my palms. I drink from a reservoir on a palm With no hesitation or worry.  How rainwater thrushes against my dryness Making me, a sponge of sorts. Like chunks of tofu in a soup, A heart capable of love. God leaks from the strangest places Not just from the heavens. … Continue reading God and Love

Summer Fling

How beautiful is the first month of summer; Bikinis, lazy streaks and a wisp of sunscreen, When halos disappear, as you drive past  Rows of sunflowers, in mid Iowa. You can only feel, the pollen saturated air, A hood less car, the sun filling her up, Knowing a man is just around the corner, Just … Continue reading Summer Fling

An Asexual Man

How sweet is Jack fruit, Pani Waraka, Just like the flesh of rambutan, How though, in an anatomy lesson They become metaphoric examples, Resembling the beehive, and The scrotum. How a great divide separates Not just the Koreas, but Also the palindromic symmetry, And the proven asymmetry How one pair of eyes that See the … Continue reading An Asexual Man

An Asexual Woman

While some echo locate, some use GPS, And some they, climb Matterhorn, A difficult mountain to climb, while others walk in a beach Each a homogenous grain of silica, And some, they rest inside a un-crowded room, That has no doors, to go outside, only a room With a window, to see bats, cars, mountaineers, … Continue reading An Asexual Woman

An Ambulance Driver in San Francisco.

How an ambulance driver Speeds past the traffic, in the incoming Lane, no care in the world for the traffic.  The man, whose heart is giving way, His priority No 1. How the roads are now filled With the last great hope, an ambulance, Where so many, see their last ray of light Their last … Continue reading An Ambulance Driver in San Francisco.


Messi and Maradona are superstars From two epochs.While the invisible hand sweeps Through economies, in capitalism.  While knowledge, lives on In encyclopedias, the never ending Collection of facts and numbers, Which includes Maradona, Messi And Adam Smith. “Hand of God”, I type, I get a you tube video of Maradona handling a soccer ball His … Continue reading Epistemology

South of Elephant Pass

A Poem that appears in the March Edition of "Write" Magazine........ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Like throngs of feral horses That gather on the island of Delft, You see little children, gather around a kite, Which hovers over the mango tree, Until one Willard mango falls, Or is plucked, and helped- on to a mouth, Then they share … Continue reading South of Elephant Pass

DNA (A Poem)

Dedicated to all who deal with DNA in their daily life We cannot resist our DNA, Or issue hartal, how every plank of wood, In a hull, is made of lignin, hardwood. What only a single organism, the white rot fungus, can degrade. How we are humble catamarans, journeying past infinite spaces, That capture us, … Continue reading DNA (A Poem)

A Tribute to My Dad on Father’s Day

I let my dad kiss me on the cheek. As I gave him a brand new Titan watch. He looked At the divisions on the face All in Roman Numerals, A reminder that he was from another, Time and universe. We had fried chicken for lunch. Home-made KFC which I saw him eat eagerly. I … Continue reading A Tribute to My Dad on Father’s Day