A Fairy Tale inside the Backseat of a Car

Primary school

How beautiful is a green sapling,
An earthling with leaves, greener than a dollar bill,
Clutching onto meadows of chlorophyll,
Absorbing the light from the heavens,
To build a chain that becomes,
The endosperm, inside the angiosperm,
What powers the anaemic body, and the tender breast,
How rice thrown over the head, also fills a bowl,
Where palms, spoons and chopsticks lie,
Held in hand, scooped to mouth,
How all it takes is a mouthful, of the light schemed engine,
The rails of life, the food chains in locomotion,
The carriages connected through lips,
The biochemistry of light turning to starch,
The food pile that becomes a waste pile,
Inside the human form, when metabolism
Of sugar powered lips, familiarizes you to another,
Inside a back seat of a Nissan Pulsar,
The hickey on the neck, only a tiny red bite;
What will give a young woman, abundant joy in front
On the rear-view mirror. Bite marks on necks,
His and hers, hickeys as ripe as blood apples,
That by the end of this night,
Will transform a beautiful Snow White,
To the face glow, of Cinder-Ella.