Reality check, when you
Look at your unlimited wealth
Of a timescape, the horizons
Packed against each other,
Each a NY minute,
And I, smelling the roses by
The roadside, the thorn-less blooms
That I see only now. I wish
I had seen all of it before, and yet
I see the shoulder of my pay check,
Giving me a piggy back ride,
Until I’m helpless, like a beggar,
Next to a gold shop, looking
At the glimmer, knowing now,
How everything that shines,
Is not gold, and yet, there
Are moments when you’re capsized,
Like Keats said, every man
Is an island, and yet, I could
Rally my troupes, the melting smile,
The countless endorphins,
The beautiful dopamine,
Those moments of wanting more.
And yet, the Prozac my wife is,
How her open lips, are always a pay day,
Even when they are even hopelessly
Unforthcoming, stuck in a moment
Of pause, while we slowly thaw, to intersect.
Just how illogical are we, letting
The kerosene lamp burn,
How we will never know for real,
How the story will end, and yet,
The seat belts keep us grounded,
In our joy ride down a highway,
When God, and only God,
Can give us a speeding ticket

2 thoughts on “Unemployment

  1. This was such a thought-provoking piece… brutally honest and yet so eloquent ❤
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

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