Love 6

The eternal pause of a body,
Divine and yet mortal,
Keeping up with love, on a pedestal, 
The glowing object a woman is;
Shimmering irises, selenographic face
Encroaching lips, that know
How only what God can
Assemble together, is the bounty
Of true love, the type that combusts
On planks of wood.

The rewards of lunacy,
A body can gather, dancing without
The fig leaf. How beautiful
That the God-given stitch, wore a chastity belt,
And disassembled it, to a man,
Who climbed out of his shining armor,
The clatter of metal hitting,
The ground, turning to the percussion of flesh,
Hitting the highest octaves,
Until the God note cometh,
Just like an epiphany.

How extraordinary is it,
That the shortest distance,
Between two people, in intersect,
Is reminding our forgetful bodies,
That we are in a long winding journey,
Of accumulating heart miles.

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