On a Hikkaduwa Beach


The above picture was designed by Michelle Alexander, my wife. 

How the turtle wears
A space suit, the shell, and dawdles
To the ocean, to the deceptive depths,
And to the flesh eating predators,
Knowing survival, is letting go,
Of the safety of the pristine sands,
And going through a boundless universe,
Crowded with fellow travellers.
How a turtle will swim with manta rays and sharks,
Showing to us, how beautiful it is
To be carrying your own home,
Everywhere you go, while paddling your feet.
How through the impending danger, turtles
Obtain their basic physiological needs,
And glide, while the polyps
And the starfish, look up, at a handful of stars
Slipping through water, yellow astral bodies
Making a single constellation on shell,
Flickering through rippling water,
Like yellow colored streaks,
While the radiance of another distant star, a yellow dwarf,
Traverses, thin, long, parallel lattices
Woven around midribs, that too a ripple;
How coconut leaves, do the jive,
To the beat of the wind.