North Carolina and First Love

Kitty Hawk
Never underestimate the power of an onion,
Twice the story of a Nicolas Sparks
Tearjerker, how in the outer banks,
It rains more often than other
Localities of the East Coast, the clouds inside your eyes,
Turning to nimbus, how it only takes a volatile onion,
To break a cloud in the middle, how a simple
Trickle down your cheeks, is more powerful
Than any nuclear weapon, and North Carolina,
Wasn’t that the place of the Kitty Hawk?
Where the Wright Brothers, gave mankind his first wings.
Just like love, at 18, when you discover
Your too have a Nicolas Sparks
Story to sell, when your spine turns to a “paper-back”, as you
Become a wimp, no stitches or staples,
Just the glue that binds time together,
What will become in time, a Cat Steven
Song, how the first cut is the deepest,
How you went from a babe to a man,
The shoe size and the hat perimeter
Got bigger, just like a heart, whose was obese
One moment, and deflated the next.
How first love, will always be like Kitty Hawk,
How a feline becomes a raptor,
Whose talons scraped another’s skin,
As you held her tight and strong,
How first flight is more often than not, short,
The rights of rites, the china blue eyes, brittle and lose,
The copper skin, of a man, who let a woman
Become his first permanent settlement,
Just like Roanoke island.
How some things are not meant to be; like
The first love, the bearings that get lost
To the hormones. How you find your capacity to love,
Another, in fingertips, lips, and hips,
A place in Dare County, when your heart became a flyer,
Just for a fleeting moment in time,
When you became Wilbur Wright,
Wondering why the ground, looks so far away,
And you’re sailing on a fuselage, not knowing, 
That one feeling has the capacity to erase hundreds more.
How one verb in the English langauge,
That is defined as “develop wing feathers that are large enough for flight”;
Unites Kitty Hawk and first love. How, it all comes down
To fledge, in that mercurial moment,
It all turns to fledgling.

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