Vesak 4

full, moon

The drapery of monks
Yellow, amber, orange, saffron,
The many colors akin to a full chalice of light,
The cynosure of a night, while stars look like
They could use a little attention, while the moon lets
Eyes be drawn towards her,
Just like a visiting child in the temple,
Looking at a bald child monk draped,
In a saffron robe, as their eyes meet, while their temples
Seem poles apart, one with thick wavy hair,
And the other given a clean shave,
And below both lie, pandols of neurons and synapses
Firing at will. The transcendence of light
To the other side of the eye, to a meditation of beauty.
How some lessons in life, are learnt outside the classroom,
Like what beauty lies, in people, gathering in throngs,
Near a giant Vesak pandol, where Lord Buddha,
Can be seen in the lotus position,
While far far away lies a near perfect aureole,
Yellow with a faint glow of amber,
Surrounding the silhouette of a rabbit,
The face of the moon, playing peekaboo,
From behind candy floss clouds.

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