Vesak 2

The branches in foliar dressings, The bright yellow mangos, On a tree, that remained elusive To the passers by, while a little monk looks at the sky, As moonbeams fall on mangoes, Like lanterns on tips of branches, waiting To be plucked by hand, or pole, or perhaps, A greedy peck of a bird. How … Continue reading Vesak 2


How a candle made of wax, Is now a glass bulb, inside weather-proofed Vesak lanterns; While a monk carries A saffron colored umbrella, and walks To a temple, while the rain pummels, As a little child, places a paper boat On a mud puddle, waiting for nightfall, To see what marvels light can do. The … Continue reading Vesak

Dengue Fever

In Aedes mosquitoes, That transcend their larvae, Is a virus that rests deadly in pathology.  Just an injection that traverses skin, And saliva that is injected through a tiny aperture, And a man, whose immunity Becomes a scapegoat, the antibodies that are supposed To save, scheme again him, as he lacerates pints of blood. The … Continue reading Dengue Fever

Pink Beasts

  Your eternal sand castle, The proposal on one knee,   The few seconds of awe, Which seemed like hesitation   Or surprise, or both. The babies you see, In her eyes, the baby making   That channels your vision, The obituary every orgasm has,   The epitaph on her face, The afterglow of pyrotechnics. … Continue reading Pink Beasts

Things to be grateful for in April 2018

My wife, Oh gosh my wife, Who pacifies me in more ways than one, My words, the economy and the surfeit, The flow and the ebb, The undercurrents that make The rivers flow, just like lyrical words, Every American journal, That gives me an honest chance, with No prejudice, or neglect, For every poem that … Continue reading Things to be grateful for in April 2018