Ocean and Land (The Vatican)

Oh the sermons they throw at will,
Like fishing nets to the ocean,
To pull the catch, squirming fish,
Wriggling like they are in the middle of an exorcism.
How the transition from the ocean
To land, gills to lungs, is the most arduous.
What evolution took 300 million years,
What Jesus did in 3 days. While a fisherman’s league,
Lives on, the catch hauled onto hulls
Of rugged boats, selling the Jesus story, on two
Days of the calendar year, starting with
A virgin’s ovum, ending with an Easter egg,
How birth and renewal, mark two
Days of the calendar, two holidays,
Where you walk to church,
Learning that ichthyology, or simply,
The study of fish, is the holy grail of the cassocked.
A church that is opening its doors,
While closing two rock tablets,
Where 10 commandments lie in script,
Letting in fish of all color in,
Even the kaleidoscopic rainbow fish,
Showing to the world, fishing in hostile tides,
Is what they do best, throwing
A fisherman’s net to species-rich waters,
Letting in fish, of every form and shape,
While letting them discover, in their own little ways,
How to grow a pair of self-sustaining lungs,
To inhale a church’s staple,
Pneumatic mercy.

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