Neil (The story of a Gay Man)

I like tackling hard topics, both conservative and liberal. This is a cliché poem on a gay man. I’ve written so many now, cannot seem to find new material. I have more poems on the theme of Gay Men and I will share them with you, if they are rejected by periodicals and journals. I put in my e-mails, that I’m a straight man writing these poems, just so that they will not misrepresent me. The poem is below.


Adam and Steve

The growth on the mandibles,
In topiary lessons.

The side burns, out growing
Like the Taiga towards the Tundra,

The eyes sugar-glazed,
Seeing the eye candy on offer,

How in that beautifully carved
Exterior, there is a different glow

High density bones, and
Beautiful jaw bones,

Symmetrical like Denzil Washington,
Who one day realized,

How beautiful the symmetry,
Of love is, learning the drill

Of falling in love, with a man,
What doesn’t make you a monster,

Or a freak, only how,
You break open a shell of an egg,

Or open a door in a closet,
The same place, where

Lies a Black Tux, a bow,
And a dream, of walking

Down the aisle, holding on to my dad,
Where on an ice sculpture,

Two men can be seen, melting to the sunshine.
How the sun rises on two faces,

How the moons remain,
To be explored, when selenophilia

Turns to touch and then taste, how one man
Climbed the man mountain,

The steep ascents, and the ledges,
The slow trickle of springs of sweat,

Who stood on the pinnacle a little later,
To realize what a beautiful feeling it was,

And suddenly, in a flash of a second,
There was no mountain, only a valley,

Of a man smiling, radiance
On his face, like Neil Armstrong

After the first moon landing, mesmerized
On a step, that measured to a leap.

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