Joseph – Dad of Jesus

This poem is slightly controversial. Its on Joseph, Jesus’s foster father, who I admire a great deal. He was the reason Jesus became the man he is. Joseph is also my alma mater, the name of my school, where I studied for 12 years.



Joseph the carpenter, and Mother Mary, 
A virgin carrying half of God’s blueprint.
The debacle of a pregnant woman,
Inseminated by an enigma, while leading a donkey,
That kept on braying, carrying her on the dorsal strength
Of a steadfast beast. How this man,
Would have deliberated, at the thought,
Of a pregnant woman, while helping
Her down from the donkey’s back,
Learning that a bout of morning sickness,
Lets her puke come out with sheer force,
And still, wanting to be by her,
As she lay her head on his lap, and slept
Near a parched desert, where the Sea of Galilee,
Could be seen, letting the Jordan
Empty water, mud and fish.

How Jesus too was made of a Godly source,
And saw the estuary inside, a Bethlehem stable,
How a man with a warm heart and warmer palms,
Stood near a woman as she gave birth,
On a bed of hay, perhaps the same stack of hay,
That she lay on, when God, let his word conceive
The Jesus zygote. How hay stood as the harbinger,
And then, as a nursing home, for a courageous woman,
Who will now remember one man’s face,
Better than any other mortal. That man Joseph,
And a donkey, how it was not Immaculate Conception,
That was the miracle here, only one man’s
Resolute refusal to question Mary. Orphaned
Of resources, he made a stable, into a hospital ward,
And held, as a beating heart climbed out,
What became at first clutch, a foster child,
In the sheer logic of love.

How Joseph’s legacy still stands today,
As the pinnacle of empathy, the little
Hands of Jesus holding Joseph’s thumb,
As Mary breast fed. How in that image,
Is a beautiful honesty, of how it was an immaculate man,
And a foolish girl, and two brain freezes,
That took them from conception,
To a Bethlehem stable, how God let empathy
Glue them all together inside a familial nucleus,
As one simple man, showed generations
Of dads to be, how paternal instinct,
Is only learnt through experience,
Like gestating sea horses.



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