Joseph – Dad of Jesus

This poem is slightly controversial. Its on Joseph, Jesus's foster father, who I admire a great deal. He was the reason Jesus became the man he is. Joseph is also my alma mater, the name of my school, where I studied for 12 years.   Joseph the carpenter, and Mother Mary,  A virgin carrying half … Continue reading Joseph – Dad of Jesus

Neil (The story of a Gay Man)

I like tackling hard topics, both conservative and liberal. This is a cliché poem on a gay man. I’ve written so many now, cannot seem to find new material. I have more poems on the theme of Gay Men and I will share them with you, if they are rejected by periodicals and journals. I … Continue reading Neil (The story of a Gay Man)

Ocean and Land (The Vatican)

  Oh the sermons they throw at will, Like fishing nets to the ocean, To pull the catch, squirming fish, Wriggling like they are in the middle of an exorcism. How the transition from the ocean To land, gills to lungs, is the most arduous. What evolution took 300 million years, What Jesus did in … Continue reading Ocean and Land (The Vatican)

Jesus the Party Pooper

  When Anno Domini was a baby, Was when a man with charisma, Emerged, and became a tall lighthouse, To storm- ravaged hulls. And that man Jesus, Went to become a party pooper, Playing lamb on top of the skullcap mountain, A place called Golgotha. A man who stood in the rain, barely clothed, Nailed … Continue reading Jesus the Party Pooper