Sleeping in Australia

Sleeping Girl

The slow change of paws,
And feet of a Koala bear, on a eucalyptus tree,
While tourists capture photo after photo,
A slow animal that spends,
Much of its time asleep.

While in Melbourne, a man in a coma
Wakes up to a brand new world,
How after 3 months, he finally opened his eyes,
And looked at the people
Beside him; his family.

While on a Sunday morning in Sydney,
Two 20 somethings make love
Making thunder with their bodies.
As they resist a laziness, to
Get their bodies firing.

How three events of sleep
Define three localities. A country
Of millions of sheep, who learn, that the beauty lay
In how you counted the flocks, billowing
With fleece. The oldest trick in the book, counting down,
Until your eyes soften, to the neglect of time.

The sleeping wonders we all are
In deft angles, open mouth, snoring
And cluttering teeth, which
Side you favor or shoulders gripping
Pillow, while the luckiest of
Them all, cradle another underneath
Their armpits, a head on the side
Of a chest, looking at the wooden roof,
How some instances get lost, nestled between two moments
Of unawareness, how time passes you, without
Dragging any of your senses.

How we entertain, the lightless
And the timeless, to reenergize our systems.
How from the last sheep to the first ray of light,
You’re just as irrelevant as a man in a coma.
You realize that your consciousness,
Is what keeps you interested in life.
That slow graft that speeds up occasionally,
When you’re gifted with Adrenaline,
Or bursting in caffeine, or occasionally,
Lifting your feet and taking a book with you, to
A hammock in the backyard.

How the book does the same,
Thing as sleep, only with your eyes open,
Your consciousness going line by line, ‘
How the book says “sense and sensibility”
And I’m totally insentient, to a dimension now,
How your sense of time is in a virtual blackout,
As your senses learn that,
Being in a vegetative stage, is when
Your heart becomes, just like,
A big fat beetroot.

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