Planet Earth – a Glimpse in 2018

I see extinction, through
The orange-patched wings of monarch butterflies,
And yet, the cunning chameleon reminds me
How to be one with the ambient horizon,
While the giant panda, happily spends
Its time on a bamboo thicket, no longer endangered.
As wild horses – The Dzungarian type –
March on, in the Manchurian wilderness
Unknowing, they were once, the vehicles of Khans
That annihilated local tribes in the name
Of building khanates.
Live and die, both are natural phenomena,
Both are anthropogenic footprints,
Both reminders to the conscious pupil,
That resistance is really the rule of the thumb,
The design of the market place,
Selection through nature’s sieve.
What made Darwin, the legend Darwin,
And all those growling dog breeds,
That came after him and wagged their tails
When they heard Darwin’s theory.
Survival is a battle of wit and will,
The Anthropocene sphinx,
Of how to best battle climate change,
Nature’s busiest bogeyman.

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