Life in a Time of Scientific Thought


I stand your slave, your serf, your servant,
Only lifting my head when you speak to me,
How in this climate change walloped earth,
You can search for the origin of providence,
And the chisel-work of evolution,
How abiogenesis made the primordial cell,
What evolution took to a different level,
A different stage. How in the wings of the
Monarch butterfly rests the residue of anthropogenesis
Persistent pesticides, a warning sign
That we are all in this for the long haul, how mustangs
In Montana and Dzungarian horses in Mongolia
Hide the same truth, what roams in the wild,
Has a license to roam free.

As from the hummingbird to the blue whale,
All creatures are called to be wild,
With no modesty or conscience,
Inhaling a freedom that exchanges pneuma,
With a warming greenhouse gas,
How in that primary exchange, lives billion of heartbeats,
The rapture, becoming tachycardias, in fear and in love.
How we are all chameleons, hiding are true selves,
Until we become naked in front of another, telling a story of survival,
What Darwin made into a theory. How we are
Sculpted by hands of time, on a potter’s wheel,
To establish human form, cell to organ to system to macrocosm,
A replica of a species, who is called by a good name,
An identity that goes through so many crises,
Just for the sake of belonging.

A dust particle in a vast universe,
Living in a ground state, until you become airborne,
Gifted with pinions, waiting to takeoff,
Like how Jack and Rose transformed to Romeo and Juliet,
On the hull of a titanic passenger ship,
The wingspans, they found in each other,
Which mattered little at the end, to stars that crossed,
How fate is not, how your tame the beasts of the Zodiac,
Only how you paint your horizon with colorful kites,
And live for the moment – carpe diem.
The kite runner in you, gazing above, at an azure sky,
Beautified by constellations;
Bobbing hulls of paper stars.

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