Life in a Time of Scientific Thought

I stand your slave, your serf, your servant, Only lifting my head when you speak to me, How in this climate change walloped earth, You can search for the origin of providence, And the chisel-work of evolution, How abiogenesis made the primordial cell, What evolution took to a different level, A different stage. How in … Continue reading Life in a Time of Scientific Thought

Sleeping in Australia

The slow change of paws, And feet of a Koala bear, on a eucalyptus tree, While tourists capture photo after photo, A slow animal that spends, Much of its time asleep. While in Melbourne, a man in a coma Wakes up to a brand new world, How after 3 months, he finally opened his eyes, … Continue reading Sleeping in Australia

Planet Earth – a Glimpse in 2018

  I see extinction, through The orange-patched wings of monarch butterflies, And yet, the cunning chameleon reminds me How to be one with the ambient horizon, While the giant panda, happily spends Its time on a bamboo thicket, no longer endangered. As wild horses – The Dzungarian type – March on, in the Manchurian wilderness … Continue reading Planet Earth – a Glimpse in 2018