Sweet Tooth and Climate Change

Ice cream

How you look at a loaf of raisin bread,
Like staring at sugarloaf mountain,

How everything gets magnified,
Like a little toffee that becomes candy floss,

How we all have lollypop tongues
That drip in drool, like Pavlov’s dog

Just at the thought of an ice cream,
Or a biscuit pudding, how we

Are conditioned by our lust
For sugar, those crazy disaccharides

That are made of two monomers,
Like love has two halves, man and woman,

Who calls the other in candid sweetness,
Honey or sugar, looking at her,

When she is as naked as a horseback Godiva,
Eye candy for the peeping Thomas.

How sugarcane gives an industry
Based on your weakness to your sweet tooth

A beautiful story, of how sugarcane is
Skinned, pulverized and made

Into a white crystals, that effortlessly
Mix inside a coffee mug or a cup of tea

To sweeten the innately bitter, how
All it takes is the sweetest surrender,

To your maddening sweet tooth, the
Ice cream cone, that thaws slowly;

How vanilla glaciers, move down a path,
In collective momentum, fueling motion,

How beautiful are snowy glaciers moving
To touch, to a body’s warmth,

How rays of the glistening sun, melts
The snowcaps of Alpine mountain tops,

Just like the barmy tongue, thaws
A pinnacle made of sweet creamy ice.

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