A Portrait of an Old Man with Alzheimer’s

  The wrinkles, where hemispheres lay, In torrential tears, and hammock-ed lips. How, above the six pack, I now have silver-painted chest hairs While on the pinnacle, there are plaques Of knotty protein, what defines you, in your downhill Slope, the tau protein, holding the helm, In that dreaded Alzheimer’s.   How from the pathology … Continue reading A Portrait of an Old Man with Alzheimer’s

Sweet Tooth and Climate Change

How you look at a loaf of raisin bread, Like staring at sugarloaf mountain, How everything gets magnified, Like a little toffee that becomes candy floss, How we all have lollypop tongues That drip in drool, like Pavlov’s dog Just at the thought of an ice cream, Or a biscuit pudding, how we Are conditioned … Continue reading Sweet Tooth and Climate Change