The Back Seat of a Toyota Corolla


The back seat of a Toyota Corolla
Was not the way she hoped to open
Her pink corolla, nor was the smokescreen
Of love, which through the cataract eye,
Looked like prince charming,
Who came on a white horse,
Who cradled to her body and grew a horn, becoming
A unicorn, who let her nestle him inside of her,
How the gentleman, rocked her gently
Like a paper boat, with a creased paper hull,
Bathed in his flooding dew, until the whitewater passed,
Akin to a ballerina after a spin,
Her world in a strange vertigo, like how a drop of water
Creates ripples all around a mud puddle,
And her body stood rippled by currents,
That radiated through her body,
Knowing the next time, it will just be a lesson in counting,
When her now-cleared eye, will settle for the
Lowest common denominator – love.
How there are no more unicorns to catch,
Only rhinoceroses to tame,
The perennial knights in shining armor,
A proposal, to a horseback Godiva,
To the exultation of God,
The unsteady shock absorbers,
And the jumping springs, the bodies that go feral,
To the wild side, to the afterlife
Of a vowel, the letter “O”,
Which symbolizes not just an Orgasm,
And also the element Oxygen,
Scheming together, an earth-shattering
Meteoric parole.

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