Kite Dreams

My mother hurt me just now, by saying that there is no thing called virginity for guys. Then I told her how the idea evolved in me, in Australia, where I followed online, adult virgins such as Rebecca St James and Adriana Lima. I also watched documentaries on adult virgins who preserved their bodies for marriage and met someone who thinks in the same way. The beauty is, not one virgin but two virgins coming together, with all the mishaps, the blunders, a comedy of how the first time can be dramatic, in curiosity and folly. Sadly my mom and I don’t see eye to eye on this. Still I love the fact that there is a new generation of adult catholic virgins, waiting till marriage. God Bless you all.

Woman 7

Virginity By Dilantha Gunawardana

What rests
Unspoken in invitation
Unrobed by no mortal
Unconsummated by sin
Unchallenged by vice
Uncompromised by guilt
Unpledged to god
Is a preservative of longing
To which there is a counterpart of the soul
For two convergent lips will one fated day
Bear the weight of twin bodies
For kismet is mortality’s kinship with time
The hospitality of chance
On which rests the aura of the unknown

For hope is faith in the myopic
Staring through sodden fogs of time
Waiting for the perfect moment
When time is cryopreserved
Locked in perpetuity


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