Avurudu (New Year)

The lurking Asian Koel,
And the crow’s nest, where she leaves her eggs.
While a pot full of milk spills over to the floor,
Marking an auspicious time.
While I, look outside, to see red flowers on tree tops,
Like lanterns in the twilight.
While my wife and I,
Look at each other, on the opposite
Sides of the bed, wondering how many plates we’ll get,
Filled with all sorts of treats. And we return the plates
Embellished with a biscuit packet
Smiling at our neighbors,
Who we rarely see, otherwise.
And April, looks pleasing to the eye,
A whole week of holidays,
When my wife and I get to be just lemons,
Too comfortable and too lazy, just like
Those koalas sitting on eucalyptus trees.
How sloth is making lemons
Out of our bodies, stuck on the two
Ends of a mammoth bed, learning,
That some hypotheses, can go
Unproven on holidays,
Even love.

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