Walking Away (Ode to Kindness)


The power not to react,
Is invested to our hearts and minds.
You can walk away from a scene,
Pouring water on your burning inferno,
Holding diablo back and letting an angel loose,
Trading in a commodity, that has
A longer half-life than the opposite emotion,
What does not bludgeon or
Run amock, what has no adrenaline
To spray the limbs, and yet
Softens the minute before, into
A beautifully-fitting Jigsaw puzzle.
How human bricks can fit together
To make a fortress, more
Beautiful than the Taj Mahal,
Where cheeks are prone to distend
Marketing a sling-like smile.
How every entry point to surrender,
Has a beautiful preamble,
How beautifying is walking away,
From hate. We are all bound to actualities;
The black man and his ghetto,
The gay man and his truth,
The terrorist and his change of heart.
The reservoirs of kindness, trickling
Out of sweat ducts, the palms,
Like suspension bridges, holding
Onto the human ore, that
Transforms in barter. What mastery
We have, in selling a brief smile,
Without any morsel of hope or expectation,
Just to paint the cloudless sky,
With arcing lips, looking as fresh,
As a curving rainbow, hammock-style.
The weather forecasts of humanity,
A meteorological smile, becomes,
The falling cats and dogs, torrential love is,
And the pummeling monsoons, what else,
But the rupture of obese clouds,
Breaking in the middle, like consciences,
Too heavy on empathy.

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