Water (On International Water Day)


Sometimes gold is found
In the transparent form. The lake,
The river, the aquifer, the well, 
All places for prospecting for
That precious element, water.
How life will always be,
The water bodies that we preserve,
And the exobiological quests,
We launch, to find the residue,
Of extant water, hidden deep beneath
The mantle of Mars or Titan
Or some far away exoplanet.
How water is, oxygen bonded in two directions,
To two hydrogen atoms, a tripartite
Preservative, what sustains from broken water,
To a waterless state, ovum to an oblivion,
While at the pinnacle of items,
On the bucket list of a species,
Is the discovery of water
In a place beyond planet earth.
A mere clue to an existential premise,
Extraterrestrial life.