A Valentine’s Heart

hand, drawn, heart

The day that makes you forget,
How fatty and bloody, an amorphous mold
Of flesh, tube and valve, is.
A chamber that makes its own electricity,
And goes “dub dub” like a drumbeat.
A viola leaf shaped organ in blood red,
Is where we symbolically place,
The origin and residency of love.
An organ that floods the whole body
And has areas of ventricular hypertrophy,
And yet holds an ark on her interior,
An ark that bears consciousness, soul and conscience.
How one heart workout, is what it takes,
To heat a cold cumbersome body
Till melting point, how our bodies
Commit little homicides, in articulations of agony.
Still you live from the inside of it,
How a fatty and bloody organ, came to symbolize,
What love is. How beautifully
Symmetrical in shape, a heart becomes,
On around Valentine’s day.
A unicameral chamber, that has one voice,
That dictates love, and one precious vote,
To heist an unspoken heart,
In plain-daylight robbery.