A Valentine’s Heart

The day that makes you forget, How fatty and bloody, an amorphous mold Of flesh, tube and valve, is. A chamber that makes its own electricity, And goes “dub dub” like a drumbeat. A viola leaf shaped organ in blood red, Is where we symbolically place, The origin and residency of love. An organ that … Continue reading A Valentine’s Heart

Ireland on St Patrick’s Day 2018

How the windy plains, Hides the whispers of personal anguish, Those villages left behind by time. The land of Seamus Heaney, The poetry of large stones, marking Borders, and games of Gaelic football Kicks and catches, that Go marching forward, while In the middle of town, rest, The archetype Church, the tinted Glass and the … Continue reading Ireland on St Patrick’s Day 2018

St Patrick’s Day

March becomes the march, Called a crawl, a long pub crawl. How bellies distend to beer-bellies In one night of frolicking fun. How a country of Catholics, Share the Eucharist of French Fries And draught beer, and that day, That transcends to the next one, Spanning past midnight, when You find storytellers, relaying anecdotes That … Continue reading St Patrick’s Day


Why do we live in a world, Where we draw circles, Venn diagrams ? Of the counts we call amity.  The loneliest place to be is an unshared Conversation, looking at the ceiling, And wondering what the other is doing, Roof watching or dreaming, looking At a star-filled sky. We all search for two-way infections, … Continue reading Friendship