The First Cup of Tea

Hot Steam Teacup Cup Of Tea Tee Drink

A transparent sieve
In a bittersweet osmosis
And carefree meanderings.
Some polyphenols and a wisp of caffeine,
In a fusion of ebony
With mahogany, transcending
Their interlaced trappings,
To be one with nature.
A concoction of all the dirty little secrets
That a bud can covertly carry
On the pinnacle, and blossom on
The tip of your trusting tongue.
When a sip unfastens
Little joys that are endearing
And counter-intuitive
As the sluggish chemistry
Of sipping a magical beverage
Makes doves flap from lip-petals,
Hummingbirds gleefully hum
Inside spacey interiors,
And songbirds sing
Of a slow bucolic defeat,
Transforming the pilgrimage of taste
To a timeless prostration
Of a blissful aromaticity.