A Cat and a Teenager

The cat prowls in to the yard to excrete, A practice that I find horrible, When you consider that I have to sweep The foliage and collect the fallen leaves, Inside a garbage bag. How the cat, Walks to the grass, when no one is around, And lets go of his muscled solids. I wonder, … Continue reading A Cat and a Teenager

The First Cup of Tea

A transparent sieve In a bittersweet osmosis And carefree meanderings. Some polyphenols and a wisp of caffeine, In a fusion of ebony With mahogany, transcending Their interlaced trappings, To be one with nature. A concoction of all the dirty little secrets That a bud can covertly carry On the pinnacle, and blossom on The tip … Continue reading The First Cup of Tea

The Woman I Love

The basin between hipbones, Her fertile crescent. The emphasis On language, the grammar lesson She throws at you, my wife, the English teacher. How one woman, taught me How to pronounce Gaia, as Gaya, While walking aimlessly inside a park one day. How she reads herself to sleep, The lullaby serenading her cones and rods, … Continue reading The Woman I Love