Woman 2

Woman 6

Explorer of a patriarchal universe,
Far from Joan of Arc or Virgin Mary,
The heresy on her blunted lips, 
How she cannot swallow
Everything man throws at her
No pies or bananas or compliments.
How the candyfloss world, man sees,
Is embittering to her own two eyes,
The fairytale-less universe she has inherited,
And the moon she is, to lust and love,
And the one place she can never hide,
Her body, that will be ambushed
By thousands of ogling men,
Those drool-dripping chimpanzees,
Who will never be able to meet up
To her high expectations.
How dreadful that the man,
A woman puts on her wishful pedestal
Can only be at best, a hologram,
What grows a snout in reality,
Turning to a sexist pig.