Woman 2

Explorer of a patriarchal universe, Far from Joan of Arc or Virgin Mary, The heresy on her blunted lips,  How she cannot swallow Everything man throws at her No pies or bananas or compliments. How the candyfloss world, man sees, Is embittering to her own two eyes, The fairytale-less universe she has inherited, And the … Continue reading Woman 2

Windy Creatures

The wind turbines, wind farms, windmills, Weathercocks, and farts from your Lipari caves, And the sails that we never pull down, In our journeys with the wind, When we realize that just like the wind, There’s a force behinds us, Call it God, Fatum, destiny, any fashionable name, When who we are, are those wind-guided … Continue reading Windy Creatures


The many personalities from Virgin Mary to Mary Shelley, The many forms from Kate Moss to Ashley Graham, The many faces from Eve to Audrey Hepburn, The model who struts a hint Of cleavage or a glimpse of buttocks In the open secrets of Victoria, The vital statistics of a muse Who is the vital … Continue reading Woman