Sinhalese and Tamils

Leo is a Lion
Like the one on a flag,
Marking the etiology of a race,
The Sinhalese kind,
The lion who has a mane,
Like throngs of young men
Who are going back to the veddah styles,
Long beards, pony tails,
Untrimmed growth on facial bones.
The lion wannabes,
In a country, that took the blood
Of a lion and made it into
An advertising gimmick,
That became a loud roar against the minorities.
How lions are timid when sleeping
And ferocious in the prowl,
Just like a three-wheeler that attests
On its back, that there is lion blood inside,
The same tuk-tuks that will go,
Here and there, prowling
The roads, sometimes in sheer anarchy,
Carrying a slogan “lion’s blood”.
Testimony that there is a fine line to cross,
Between race and racism.
Lion and Tiger, aren’t they both
Sleeping beasts ?