Gun Culture

Ak 47

We woke up to the news,
That there has been another shooting
In America. This time in Florida.
A teenager who took a gun to his hand
And wiped out 17 people.

I ponder why can’t things be different,
Why can’t we be more humane
In our ways and not be carrying guns,
Everywhere we go, even to Church.
That man who invented the AK47;
I wonder how he feels now,
From his deathbed.

As I make a valiant plea to God,
A wish of mythical proportions,
Why can’t those millions of guns,
On this turquoise globe of ours,
Be like millions of fathers not-to-be,
Those who have no sperm counts,
Shooting blanks, that cannot kill.

As sterile as they are,
And me, and the tireless mule

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