I can’t force friendships
I can’t force myself to drink
25 ml of Rockland Rum and coke
When I’m abstaining from alcohol,
I can’t force myself to eat
Fried Rice and Hot Butter Cuttlefish
When my tummy is full.
How the heart has one woman now,
A place that used to have 25 friends,
By the age of 25. How can I
Saturate a chamber with one woman,
A place where 25 others you to be ?
How evolution is a sorry place to be sometimes.
How when we find our lungs,
We lose our gills. How when we find
Our heart, we lose our shoulders.
How when one finds a soul-mate,
He loses 25 other mates, those Ahoy-ers,
How like tree-to-tree hammocks,
We used to hold hands when small,
The same hands that we became conscious of,
As in social norms, and ceased to hold.
The same clasped palm that decorated
A face, with a curved line,
The absolute thrill of being abreast,
Without the need to turn inwards
And let face encroach on face
In the company of another’s taste.

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