Refugees to Welfare (The Migrant’s Story)

The dry eye, like the parched outback, And a salty tongue, And a Freemantle Doctor, That abets the refugees. The wind with a stethoscope And the noise of a cheering heart, Palpitating like mad, How a seasick heart raptures, At the first sight of land. A doctor that hears your accelerating Heartbeat and slowly bring … Continue reading Refugees to Welfare (The Migrant’s Story)


I can’t force friendships I can’t force myself to drink 25 ml of Rockland Rum and coke When I’m abstaining from alcohol, I can’t force myself to eat Fried Rice and Hot Butter Cuttlefish When my tummy is full. How the heart has one woman now, A place that used to have 25 friends, By … Continue reading Friendship