We don’t dance together, We don’t sing like songbirds, We don’t show off our plumage,  We are only birds of a feather, Stuck together, they say, Like we were glued by an invisible gum, And yet, who we are, are flocked birds, Free to call anyone friend, And we gather, over a coffee, To estrange … Continue reading Friendship

Storybook Life

The flop side of a fairytale, Sometimes is empty. There is no back garden of weeds, To some lives. Its like the moon without craters.  What you see in the belly and the face Are sometimes truer than the naked visual. In a world that venerates dark sides, What can story book lives do but … Continue reading Storybook Life

To Neruda

There have been more winners, of Miss World and Miss Universe, From South America, than anywhere else in the world.  The beauty of the mixed-breed women, How genes painted over indigenous skin, And a man, who now lives inside a grave, Transforming paint into words. How inner beauty pollutes the poetic sense, Of how radiant … Continue reading To Neruda