To A Gay Friend (A Poem)


To a long lost friend who used to be my buddy for long conversations.

How I miss,
The man with beautiful XY chromosomes,
Who falls in love with fellow XYs.
The sheer magic of symmetry.

How fleeting some friendships are
Its more about the fried rice and the cuttlefish
Than the long conversations, the long hauls
We conveniently forget.

How I would love to call you friend again,
Introduce my wife, and hope so much
You will find your XY, the man who will blow you soft kisses .

The seven seas hides a pearl,
An XY pearl that is stamped with you name.
Bigger than any institution or whale

Bigger than the melons that you
In disdain brush aside, the ripened apples
That I don’t see and yet you do, so vividly,

Climb that apple tree my friend,
Don’t wait for the apple to fall,
Grab it with your own two palms

Take the apple home, place it on bed,
And take a good chunk out of it,
Just like Adam did once.

How your apple, unlike mine, is sin,
When I see you winking at me,

And saying in wit,

“What glorious sin”.

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