The dreamy moment of Worlds and Worldsworth
The daffodils, the narcissists, a mirror’s birth
How proud the child who drills a poem’s nail
How the earliest dawn, is a wishing well pail

How the tallest sky, the eagle’s lair
How the bluest ocean, the jellyfish’s prayer,
How the child, the poetic eye, the third periscope,
The whales he hunts, in kaleidoscope.

How the earliest dawn carries a dream
Like a mug of coffee and milk full cream
How a moustache of milk turned to a rugged man
The poem bloomed, so did the unmapped span

Hail the rubber trees, like strapping men in first spring
Learning how to milk the pen, the blue inked fling
How a dream, like a plane, made cirrus clouds
The poems on the sky, for the throngs of crowds

I will be measured both by girth and length,
The man I am and the poems that gather strength
How in this poetic dawn, the dew descended the blade,
Like a poem in print, the Godspeed I bade.

The brain-drain, and the rivers that are born,
The Niles, the Amazons, the blue waters unclothed in brawn,
How poetry surpasses love, and the creased bed sheets,
Ink flooding on parchment, naked in pleats.

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