To A Gay Friend (A Poem)

To a long lost friend who used to be my buddy for long conversations. How I miss, The man with beautiful XY chromosomes, Who falls in love with fellow XYs. The sheer magic of symmetry. How fleeting some friendships are Its more about the fried rice and the cuttlefish Than the long conversations, the long … Continue reading To A Gay Friend (A Poem)

What Lies Beneath The Bark

The unborn emotion, Crosses a little ferrying distance, A synapse and an impulse,  Like a ferry ride over a space, To metamorphose from dopamine To oxytocin, from feeling good, To become the endurance, Of an endearment. A steeplechase, More than a marathon, A tortoise more than a rabbit. The chicken and the egg situation It … Continue reading What Lies Beneath The Bark

The Honeymoon Stage

  [ How I was a nervous wreck on my honeymoon, knowing the whole world was watching (listening to the commentary of my life) and still I managed to lose my virginity at 38 and consummate. They say the longer you wait, the colder the feet become ] ## The stage, that agonized me, And … Continue reading The Honeymoon Stage


The dreamy moment of Worlds and Worldsworth The daffodils, the narcissists, a mirror’s birth How proud the child who drills a poem’s nail How the earliest dawn, is a wishing well pail How the tallest sky, the eagle’s lair How the bluest ocean, the jellyfish’s prayer, How the child, the poetic eye, the third periscope, … Continue reading Metamorphosis


Mary Magdalene, who in Jesus’s times, Became the biblical one, The one who followed the chosen one,  To his destined death. The oldest profession, practiced by throngs Who reach out to you, in red-light districts, From Thailand to New York. The short skirts, the fore-arm extending forward, The little gestures, subtle eye-contact, The promise of … Continue reading Prostitute

America, America

The acquisitions, Louisiana, Alaska, Texas and so forth, The stripes that are like the Tigers, Ferocious when hungry and no pussy cat, In international affairs. The stars, a reminder that stardust, Is what the American dream is made of. And Gettysburg was leaving behind, A darkness, as dark as the plight of Kunta Kinte. And … Continue reading America, America


Courtship is falling like an avalanche, Engagement is a devil’s advocate, Always questioning the impending canonization, Of two people, man and woman, In a saintly union, an institution of its own. How the process is made of the corporeal And the out-of-body. How saints too were like lovers, Impaled by arrows – but not by … Continue reading Marriage