Yet Another Valentine’s Day Poem

Love 1

The unicorn and the destined day
Of the white horse. The cherry plant
That you water with hope.
The strawberry colored lips,
The dew of desire. The unforgettable moment
When longing sculpts enquiry.
The courage of wanting to be in love,
On that knife edge. And the shape of a heart,
Decorating a card, a wrapper, a wall.

Be my valentine, you plead,
Every capillary squeezing out flavor
The swan she became, the long neck
The yellow beak, the slender curve,
The jewels in her eyes, sapphires in china blue,
And a kiss that was not just a kiss,
Only a beginning. How strawberry picking
Will soon become cherry season.

The gossamer moment,
A valentine’s heart lets an epiphany fall.
How love, is like a flash of light
Like a star that learnt how to flicker,
The damsel, the prince, perhaps the forever after
The messy rite of cherry pickings
The courage she manifests, when
Cornered with a proposition.

And the landslide her body becomes,
To the flash flood of emotions,
The moment you realize how freaky love is,
And the bodies you outgrow, the places
Of no return, the cherry tree
That has only one harvest.
The castle on a lone mattress,
Ooh la la, the goosebumps.

The body that gets macerated,
Like a juicy purple grape,
The pomegranate holding her fort,
The arils saturating a chamber.
Sweet grenadine flowing
Through the lumen of vessels,
Sweetening a cascade, of here to there,
Frog-kisses to tadpoles-out.

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