Love Story

Love 3

Foolish and clumsy,
Devilish and yet haloed,
The girlish shadow,
And the woman’s aura,
The whale hips and the whale tail,
Joan of Arc and Lady Godiva,
The mermaid corset,
And the flaming red head,
The love-me-clause,
And the marry-me-sentence,
The moist lips,
And the running eyes,
The “Yes, Yes, Yes”,
The first base swan,
To the third base whore,
The angel in a mantilla,
The she devil in lace,
The inviting mouth,
And the shameless tongue,
The pussies in booties,
The boots with tall heels,
Her wilderness,
And the amazon in her,
The claws and the talons,
The hourglass and the hour glass,
The genies in a bottle,
The unlimited wishes,
The diary she fills
The body she empties,
Chimera of tramp
And goddess,
The origami paper,
The fold-her-moments,
The cherry blossom,
And the serving geisha,
The sunflower,
And the waggle dance,
The compass-north
And the lips-in-meridian,
The joker, and the anomaly,
The peace-lover,
And the claymore mine.
The perennial question,
The riddle,
Your frontyard,
Your backyard,
And the slow metamorphosis
Of house, the enclosure
That in time, transforms
To an occupancy,
How a floor-plan looks beautiful,
And the open doors are
Bliss, and home,
What else but the place,
You keep on returning to,
In auto-pilot,
Without asking why.

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