Love Story

Foolish and clumsy, Devilish and yet haloed, The girlish shadow, And the woman’s aura, The whale hips and the whale tail, Joan of Arc and Lady Godiva, The mermaid corset, And the flaming red head, The love-me-clause, And the marry-me-sentence, The moist lips, And the running eyes, The “Yes, Yes, Yes”, The first base swan, … Continue reading Love Story

Yet Another Valentine’s Day Poem

The unicorn and the destined day Of the white horse. The cherry plant That you water with hope. The strawberry colored lips, The dew of desire. The unforgettable moment When longing sculpts enquiry. The courage of wanting to be in love, On that knife edge. And the shape of a heart, Decorating a card, a … Continue reading Yet Another Valentine’s Day Poem

An Untidy Desk

How an untidy room Is a blessing sometimes. How my mind Seems to be disarranged these days. They say a person’s desk, Is an indication of what they are like, on the inside. I suffer from panic, the type that races the heartbeat, In flight and fright, and that is what symbolizes me, A man, … Continue reading An Untidy Desk