The American Dream

dollar bill
How that square passport picture,
Is just a fleeting moment of time.
A snap of a camera, and the trophy on a passport.
The freaky Hulk, the super hero in green,
What makes you colorful, colorblind, and color-petty
And still you are whipped on the inside,
How you remember what you left behind,
The rice fields and the virgin rainforests,
The tap root you deracinated in one move,
To hold a passport in your palm,
And that myopic relocation,
Is like a hammer inside your heart.
An amber light greeting you,
The minute you commit your allegiances
In front of the stars and stripes,
And how you convince yourself,
That all is good, even the green monster in Frankenstein,
The talisman it is, to the American dream.
A capitalist mecca, where wealth is a destination,
And greed the combustion engine,
Its all about how deep your pockets are,
How you piggyback on your piggy bank,
How green is your grass, you keep on
Asking yourself. Like Chlorophyll it gathers light,
And the green card, what else is it,
But a license, to collect dead presidents,
We are all Mary Shelleys, with a stranglehold
On a green monster, who is neither good nor bad,
Like the wretch, the creature, who becomes
A circumstantial scapegoat.
Capable of just about anything.
Yet, responsible for nothing.

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