The Child and the Vulture (Pulitzer Prize winning Photo)

## The skull bones of a child, Soon to see a headstone, or perhaps not. The twilight filled with vultures, callous Eyes like lighthouses, shining a beam And a little girl child, that sparked A photograph. How hopeless Gods are sometimes, even a prayer Gets lost in the open spaces, Between the point of despair … Continue reading The Child and the Vulture (Pulitzer Prize winning Photo)

The American Dream

## How that square passport picture, Is just a fleeting moment of time.   A snap of a camera, and the trophy on a passport. The freaky Hulk, the super hero in green,   What makes you colorful, colorblind, and color-petty And still you are whipped on the inside,   How you remember what you … Continue reading The American Dream

Refugees to Canada

## There are no more green cards. No more funnels, or bottle necks,   That hated man, shutting the gate, And prolonging the refugees’ misery   And on top of America, is a young man, A liberal, making enough room in welfare,   To absorb 25000 refugees. What is like, The sun, which gives free … Continue reading Refugees to Canada