Einstein and Trump


Two men, who were both defined by their hair,
A wacky mental spike or a loose comb-over.
They both had a soft spot for Jerusalem. 
One was asked to become
The president of Israel, and the other
Became bosom friend, to this land,
Where once Jesus roamed.
And still, they both will embellish history.
The greatest scientist, earth had ever seen,
Whose IQ was not just a three digit number,
And a slightly obese man who showed
That the political establishment,
Is only a passe, a now defunct system,
That any man with a dream, could reach the pulpit.
The scientist and the businessmen,
The hairstyles that will symbolize them.
And the brains beneath,
Who stood daring the status quo,
Of a relativity that got thrashed,
To show to the world, destiny,
Is just as much, your own fling with mortality,
As it is a force of fate. Einstein
And Trump, two men, no pushovers,
Just men with panache,
Who stood at the heart of the status quo,
And orphaned of fate,
They sculpted their own inimitable legacies,
To be the man on the front page,
Of the Time magazine,
As the face of timelessness

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