10 Commandments

10 Commandments

Like Moses I stand,
The 10 commandments in my hand,
And the world of Big Brother
Hating me, as much as a liberal
Hates Donald Trump.
Jesus was hated, so was Donald.
So am I, for being a Jesus surrogate,
The vile eyes of evil,
The serpent, showing me the apple,
And my teeth biting my lip
Knowing temptation is just a woman
With big hips and bigger bottoms,
And I’m clutching the ten commandments,
The tabernacle my mind is,
And the conscience, that looks
And sees a camel walking through
A little aperture in a needle.
An oasis above the clouds summons me,
Like a water hole for a tusker.
Heaven is the screamer in my conscience,
Louder than a woman’s orgasm,
Or a kookaburra’s call,
And still always a song to me.
The diva my conscience is,
And her voice that never fails,
To serenade me.

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