Kissing and Praying is what Republicans do

What sticks to you like spandex, Are your set ways as a republican; like saying A silent prayer doing 100 miles per hour,  On the freeway, or kissing my wife Just for the sole reason she is there Right in front of you. You are a republican, The kind some people love to hate, and … Continue reading Kissing and Praying is what Republicans do


A dog chasing his tail, Going round and round Maddened by the very thing That wags, when given a bone. And just like the wheel of samsara, Is the dog chasing his furry and stumpy tail, Revolutions of extant life, to meet The tail end of the universe, The other end, Playing a silly game, … Continue reading Nirvana

10 Commandments

Like Moses I stand, The 10 commandments in my hand, And the world of Big Brother Hating me, as much as a liberal Hates Donald Trump. Jesus was hated, so was Donald. So am I, for being a Jesus surrogate, The vile eyes of evil, The serpent, showing me the apple, And my teeth biting … Continue reading 10 Commandments

Criteria of Love

Love, who doesn’t know it, And yet who doesn’t get into a knot by it. The polite enquiry is just a bomb, It detonates inside a closed room called the soul. And you fall with parachutes in your heart, Until you’re where you want to be, In orbiting gold rings. Until that point, You’re just … Continue reading Criteria of Love

Einstein and Trump

Two men, who were both defined by their hair, A wacky mental spike or a loose comb-over. They both had a soft spot for Jerusalem.  One was asked to become The president of Israel, and the other Became bosom friend, to this land, Where once Jesus roamed. And still, they both will embellish history. The … Continue reading Einstein and Trump