Donald Trump – An Elegy and Ode

donald trump
The real mess America is,
And the great white hope as he is called,
Bigger than Moby Dick,
And a donkeying captain Ahab,
With harpoons in his palms, chasing him,
In an ocean, called the Great America,
Where all sorts of bioluminescent creatures live,
Divided by their faith of Moby Dick,
Or the absence. The giant whale it takes,
To run a country that reads short
140 character messages, those tweets,
Forgetting that this was once Lincoln’s Land,
Of the great Gettysburg address,
The beauty of words that gets lost,
In a bird’s tongue. How sorrowful,
That it only takes 140 odd characters,
To rule or divide, and sometimes both,
The “tweets” war between
An albino whale and Captain Ahab,
And Ahab’s leg, one November day,
Moby Dick took a giant bite of.