Celebrating Independence

Fluttering Sri Lankan flag

A fusion of flesh and blood
And their unified force,
To be like the sun,

Sovereign, and drawing
Her own energy and incandescence,
The resolve to be a heartbeat,

And we are still babies,
Just old enough, for a platinum anniversary,
A celebration of a shimmering element,

The glow of peace,
Which is like the full moon,
Primed for perfection,

And 70 is a good age, to look back,
At the birth of a nation,
That began as a silent movie,

And got her voice, a few years after,
And that collective voice, is our rasion d’etre,
The marrow of humanity,

An island in the sun,
A fledgling power in the silk road,
The larvae we are now,

And our impending metamorphosis,
To a breathtaking beautification,

To welcome the sovereign wings,
Of our destined,

Butterfly years.

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