Dream Mountain


The mountain and the snow,
The slow thaw of time,

The summit, that makes brave,
The steepness, courage like

A flashflood of grit,
And mountaineers, that live

On the glue in their hands,
And the slow graft

To the top. We are all mountaineers,
Climbing the dream mountain,

To find the slow thaw of estrangement,
Familiarity that defines a feeling, love,

That moves glaciers,
And is by definition, a warming,

Of the global sense. The tall dome,
The apex, that summons us,

And the altitude that gives
Us a grand view of things,

How little everything else becomes
At the top of the mountain,

How magnified you become,
Looking at the 360 degree view

How far away from bottom you are,
How surreal it all is on top.

The climactic proof that dreams
Have a special place,

They sweat you out, in the long haul,
Only to make it as sweet, as rings of white sugar,

And if not, there are still those molasses,
Turing out to be your silver lining.