How little we know, How air travels through windpipes, The music, the lungs make. The pneuma, the mandatory essence Of living, the open doors Nostrils are, and the long journey That a breath makes, letting out carbon dioxide And giving the arsenals of cells, A bout of oxygen. Almost like Christopher Columbus, And the new … Continue reading Lungs

Colombo Crow

The mafia capital, Moves at a pace, faster than the wind. The hurricane blowing, through every pupil,  The learning curve, change is. While in this Sequence, of how villages are toppled, Gamperaliya they call it, and the population rate Slowing down to waves of intelligence and IQ; Those degrees you laminate and hang on walls. … Continue reading Colombo Crow


A place where the funny looking platypus, Is a duck-faced monotreme, and the echidna Is spiny on the dorsal side, both, egg-laying mammals.  The kangaroo is a jumping life-form, Trampolining away, letting in a balcony view, To a little joey inside her elastic pouch. And in the middle of the outback, you find Alice Springs, … Continue reading Alice

Gun Culture

We woke up to the news, That there has been another shooting In America. This time in Florida. A teenager who took a gun to his hand And wiped out 17 people. I ponder why can’t things be different, Why can’t we be more humane In our ways and not be carrying guns, Everywhere we … Continue reading Gun Culture

Sinhalese and Tamils

  Leo is a Lion Like the one on a flag, Marking the etiology of a race, The Sinhalese kind, The lion who has a mane, Like throngs of young men Who are going back to the veddah styles, Long beards, pony tails, Untrimmed growth on facial bones. The lion wannabes, In a country, that … Continue reading Sinhalese and Tamils

Refugees to Welfare (The Migrant’s Story)

The dry eye, like the parched outback, And a salty tongue, And a Freemantle Doctor, That abets the refugees. The wind with a stethoscope And the noise of a cheering heart, Palpitating like mad, How a seasick heart raptures, At the first sight of land. A doctor that hears your accelerating Heartbeat and slowly bring … Continue reading Refugees to Welfare (The Migrant’s Story)


I can’t force friendships I can’t force myself to drink 25 ml of Rockland Rum and coke When I’m abstaining from alcohol, I can’t force myself to eat Fried Rice and Hot Butter Cuttlefish When my tummy is full. How the heart has one woman now, A place that used to have 25 friends, By … Continue reading Friendship

American Gothic

  The hay stacks are taller, Than the cob-filled maize giants, And outside a barn, that looks Almost like the backdrop of American Gothic, Little calves and woolen sheep Can be seen sleeping on straw, and chicken Clucking like mad sensing it is feeding time, Making the ambiance, like a Bethlehem barn, Where a little … Continue reading American Gothic


We don’t dance together, We don’t sing like songbirds, We don’t show off our plumage,  We are only birds of a feather, Stuck together, they say, Like we were glued by an invisible gum, And yet, who we are, are flocked birds, Free to call anyone friend, And we gather, over a coffee, To estrange … Continue reading Friendship