Driftwood (Poetry Collection) and All Things Color (Coloring Book) for Sale

Dear Readership, My second poetry book is for sale on the internet, and so is, my wife's coloring book. Their links are as follows. https://sarasavi.lk/Book/Driftwood-9553110355 https://www.sarasavi.lk/Book/All-Things-Colour-9553110363. I hope you will enjoy your experiences with them. Thank you Michelle and Dilantha

Under The Mistletoe

How beautiful to be kissing at Christmas, Just to feel the long wingspans, We possess. A moth to a flame, is like Icarus to the sun. Our soft spot for pyromania. We are weak in the face of combustion, Our lips are always looking to burn. I look at your kerosene aura, And your saintly … Continue reading Under The Mistletoe

7 AM at a diner in Nashville

A diner where I ordered breakfast, Looking at all the faces, Truckers to yuppies, And here the egg doesn’t ask, Whether you wear a tie or overalls, Only what your likes are, in food. And you become humanized All of a sudden, How every kite in the skyline, Has the same skin, paper. And all … Continue reading 7 AM at a diner in Nashville

At The Library (Erotica)

  I fell asleep on a text book, Studying, worming through books.   Making swift glances at women Who are bona fide nerds.   The glasses that embellish their faces The library chicks, pecking   On a moment in history, Opening a door, climbing in,   And we are bookies, booking a room Boggling each … Continue reading At The Library (Erotica)